Prices (USD per July 2023)
Whale swim (per person, private group 12 pax)U$ 260
Whale swim (individuals)U$ 230
Whale watch onlyU$ 170


We have boats for charter by request. For more information please email us.

We also have a BxB a short stroll from the heart of Nukuʻalofa.

whale near surface

Why Choose Us?

Here at Deep Blue Diving TONGA, we have 17 years of experience as a locally owned & operated family operator with over 30+ years of local knowledge and experience of our Tongan waters.

Founder, the late Sam Tatafu started Deep Blue Diving Tonga Whale Watch and Swim Tours back in 2006.  Sam Tatafu, an avid scuba diver and ex- Lieutenant Commander of the Tonga Navy, observed increasing numbers of Humpback Whales between our two southern islands, ʻEua and Tongatapu each year.

Hence, Sam pioneered the first Whale Watch & Swim operation in Tongatapu in 2006.

A couple of factors that we believe contribute to the increasing population numbers in Tongatapu and Eua

1. There are only 2-3 operators on the two Islands ʻEua and Tongatapu. 95% of tours during the season, you will not see any other boats in the water in Tongatapu. Due to this, we believe that the whales are not commonly disturbed, they are more relaxed & inviting, which results in a more intimate and special encounter.

2. Our waters in Tongatapu are shallow and calm. You can often see right to the bottom of the ocean most days of our tours. (For guests, who are nervous in water unless they can see the bottom, Tongatapu is the spot for you). Having shallow water, we believe the mother may feel it’s a safe environment for her calf to learn how to swim, for the mother to take a rest and have the calf close by which makes their behaviour typically unhurried and calm, which can result in a unforgettable experience.

Number of boats in the water:

In Tongatapu there are only 4 whale swim licensed operators and 3 on ʻEua. Less boats in the water, lower engine speeds and noise, creates less disturbance and threat for the whales.

To see and get up close to these majestic mammals  is no small or easy task, given they are completely in the wild. We kindly ask guests to remember that we are entering their world, & their haven, especially when a mother has just given birth to a calf.

Normally it is not advisable to approach any animal when their baby is small and vulnerable because they can display protective and territorial behaviours which can be dangerous.

Having a lower engine speed and reduced amount of noise, less splashing and finning gives the whales room to be aware of where we are. They decide if they want to move away or stay and interact with us. Our aim, with patience and knowledgeable experience,  is to create  a safe space, and encourage a curiosity which brings the whales to us.

Given the mammoth size of the whales, it is paramount to obey your very experienced guides and crew that will constantly be observing the behaviours of the whales, making decisions on currents, and gusts, regarding your swim and the safety of all our guests.